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May 30, 2015

Monster menaces East Coast
BUXTON, N.C. -- A monstrous Hurricane Irene tightened its aim on the Eastern Seaboard on Thursday, threatening 65 million people along a shore-hugging path from North Carolina to New England. One of the nation's top experts called it his "nightmare" scenario.

The 'Unthinkable' comes in waves
On the wall above the mantle in Vernon Thornsberry's Boulevard-area house, a painting depicts that house on a dreamy summer night. It's illuminated from within, warm and golden. Above, an equally luminous sky at dusk envelops the scene, and below, friends share stories and drinks. Thornsberry points out each one - Linda, Doug, Kai; inside, Michael Lachowski, he says, is playing DJ. It's a party.

1st East Coast Legoland set to open in October
ORLANDO, Fla. - A theme park built with millions of Lego bricks, a cheetah habitat with a zero-to-60 mph roller coaster at Africa-themed Busch Gardens, and the first new killer whale show in five years at SeaWorld Orlando are among the big new attractions opening in Central Florida this year.

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